Self Care Emporium
Take care of your body, mind and soul

Self Care Emporium was founded by Jeanne Prinzivalli, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Massage Therapist and Esthetician.  Jeanne believes that to have complete self-care it consists of equally addressing all areas of your self and life.  Some people don't see the external aspects as important, but its valuable to add them to the mix of what to use when you are needing some support.  Doing something like a face mask, for example, may not seem important, but if it raises your spirits, allows you to smile a little, and the scent of the mask calms your mind, the feel of your soft skin tickles your fancy... Then yes a face mask is perfect for you to add to your self-care tool box.  

Here at Self-Care Emporium, we find that all tools are equally important.  That doesn't mean all tools are for everyone.. It means being open to trying new things to add to your tool box, in addition to the all-time favorites that already work.  And then you will have plenty to tricks up your sleeve for when life gets you down or you need some uplifting.  

Each person wants to create their own tool box of self-care tricks.  So, here at the Self-care Emporium, we have multiple options to help create the perfect tool box for YOU.  Shop around and see the array of options, small and large.  You can have the awareness of what you need and nurture yourself in big and little ways.  Go ahead and give it a try.  

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