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Find The Perfect Aromatherapy Spray To Help You Rebalance!
Self-Care Emporium is all about thinking outside of the box when it comes to self-care. And these Aromatherapy Spray are a perfect example. Combine the power of essential oils with crystal and flower essences, and you have a variety of benefits in one second. These Aromatherapy Spray from Alaskan Essences have been blended to address different emotional, physical and spiritual concerns. So read thru each one to see what you feel you need to address at this time. You really can't make the wrong choice. All self-care choices are great :)

These Aromatherapy Spray are great to use at any time you need to rebalance or become more present. Try carrying one in the car for stressful traffic or errands, Spray your office or bedroom to clean stagnant energy or smells. Spray around your energy field to strengthen it (or to remind yourself of your strength), or spray directly in front of yourself to inhale the gentle scent and effects (gentle yet powerful).

This triple powered spray is a simple and enjoyable self-care tool that is beneficial for many needs. Spraying your space couldn't be any simpler of a self-care option.

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Purification Spray Purification Spray

The Purification Spray evokes a feeling of cool winds blowing off glaciers. It carries an invigorating blast of ionic energy that washes away tiredness and brings a sense of vital aliveness.

Price: $26.00
Soul Support Spray Soul Support Spray

This spray is especially helpful for calming, grounding and centering the energy in your environment, as well as in your personal energy field. Spray around you and your environment.

Price: $26.00
Guardian Spray Guardian Spray

Use the Guardian Spray when you want to invoke the energies of calm, stability, and security. You can use it to create a powerful force field of protection around you and your environment. Spray your aura and your immediate surroundings to feel strong and safe while maintaining your openness and sensitivity.

Price: $26.00
Calling All Angels Spray Calling All Angels Spray

This is a spray that brings awareness, strength, angelic support and guidance. It brings a sacred and peaceful energy into your space. Spray around your body and surroundings. Great to use around your bed for just before heading to sleep!

Price: $26.00