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Discover Your Best Face Moisturizer At Self Care Emporium. We believe that face moisturizer is such a personal item, meaning that each person will be drawn to a different one for different reasons. So two people with a similar skin type and need will commonly be using something different. Because not only is it what your skin needs, but how your other senses are effected also. Think about the moisturizer you presently use....the consistency (thick, thin, gooey, smooth), the smell (fragrant, fruity, medicinal, acidy), how it feels to put on your face and how easy it is to rub into your skin, what is end result it leaves (matte, shiny, etc). This experience is about way more then what the product does for your skin.. but about what it does for your mind, emotions and spirit.

Because moisturizer is such a person experience, we want to have a bit of everything for you to choose from. So that you can likely find exactly what your skin, mind and spirit wants.

We have described each product as the company’s do, with all the skin benefits, and then we also let you know our best description of the moisturizer for your other senses. We hope that helps you find what you need and makes your shopping experience more fun too!
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