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Self-Care Emporium has put together a variation of Chakra Crystal Sets for you to choose from. Each set has seven crystals associated with the seven main chakras. When you purchase one of them, you are purchasing a great tool to help recenter yourself at any moment.

As well all know, Mindfulness is about being in the present moment. And one way to do that is thru meditation. However, meditation comes in many different forms, just like all humans do!!

So, you can follow the instruction below for a more traditional chakra crystal meditation, or you can simply pay attention to the color, the design, or the way they feel. In fact, the flower of life box sets have a felt-like material lining so even that is great to touch when needing some comforting!

How to Meditate with Chakra Crystals:
Create a quiet space for yourself and take a deep breathe. You can hold the chakra crystal in your hand, or place it on the part of your body associated with that chakra, or put it on your alter. When you close your eyes, regard the symbol of that chakra and open your awareness to the chakra center in your body. Focus on the meaning of that chakra. To bring a deeper meditation, intone the chakra mantra and imagine the radiant light associated with the energy center filling your being. Rest and Relax as you are bathed in this transformative internal light. Repeat as needed.

Chakras are known to be energy channels aligned with the spine and central nervous system. Each Chakra corresponds with physical, emotional and spiritual expression. Meditating and focusing on each energy center helps us align and balance our chakra system. Balanced chakras can create an increased feeling of well-being.
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