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Self Care Emporium Offers Premium Face Toner & Mist Products. The questions a lot of people have about toners and mists: Are they a lie or joke? Do they do anything? How do I know which one to use? How do I use them?

And here we are going to answer each one of these questions for you.
1: Are they a lie or joke? Of, first off you may not be asking quite that straight forward. But the answer is “No they are not a lie or joke”. They have a purpose even if you don’t believe it. They help and benefit the process of skin care. And they can smell good and are fun to spray your face with.
2: Do they do anything? Yes they do. Toners act as a neutralizer for your skin after cleansing it. The PH used in cleansers is different then the PH of your skin and will therefore change the PH when cleansing. So after cleansing we also want to rebalance the PH, which a toner will do. The toner will also soften up the skin and either open or close the pores to prep for the next step.
3: How do I know which one to use? It is important to use one for your skin type. Because if you have dry skin and you use one for acne or oily skin, it can dry out your skin more and even cause some irritation. It you have oily skin and you pick a toner for dry skin it will definitely not help with the oil production.. It can cause more oil possibly, or cause you to break out even. So, finding the right one for your skin time is important. There are some brands that have generic ones (such as all skin type) which can be used by most because it will fall in the middle in terms of PH balance and what it does: soften, hydrate skin and prep the pores. That one can be used by most, but you may also find that its not doing much or doing enough depending on you skins needs. So pick one that is geared toward what your skin needs.
4: How do I use them: Toner is meant to be used in a couple ways. The primary way is after cleansing to rebalance the PH. We at Self Care Emporium use the toner at this stage with a cotton round/square and wipe upwards to remove any additional dirt the cleansing process missed. Then after toning in this way you apply serum and then moisturizer.
Another way to use toner is to set the makeup. So after applying makeup (or some people use it right before the makeup application and after). This is done because it will help soften the skin and tighten the pores just enough so you don't get that caked on look when it looks like you painted the makeup directly into each pore in your face. We all know this look.
Lastly you can use toner throughout the day. If you are dry/dehydrated you can rehydrate your skin and refresh the look of your makeup and increase glow. If you have oily skin, you can use it to wipe the excess oil off in the middle of the day. You may need to also reapply some moisturizer but otherwise you can just spray the toner and allow it to absorb the excess oil on its own, or dab it to absorb the oil with a tissue blotter.

Hope that helps understand how and why to use a toner and inspires you to try one!
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