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Adult Coloring Books have become popular self care book for good reasons. First of all, it is fun to feel like a kid again, even for 10 minutes and we at Self Care Emporium think that kid side would benefit from coming out to play more often!

Additionally, self care coloring books are used as a mindfulness tool. Coloring helps get you out of your head and reconnected to your other senses; touch, sight, sound and even smell (if you are using colored pencils or markers, etc). And the benefit is calming your body, mind, neurotransmitters, slowing your heart rate, grounding and centering you. This means it can help you stop thinking about the days stress and just give your brain a rest from all the mental use from the day.

Some people choose to use adult coloring books to bring out their creative side and come up with great looking designs. Other people will use them to release any stress they have. Others will use it as a form of meditation paying attention to each stroke and color and the overall experience. Whatever way you want to use it is great! Just get Coloring!!

For those of you who want alternative tools for mindfulness, we have some great guided journals. The gratitude journals will give you daily ideas and reminders on paying attention to what you are grateful for.
The spiritual journey journals will go on a further exploration with you to notice the many other aspects of life that have meaning to you. Both are great options for grounding and lifting your spirits at the same time!
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Gratitude Journal Gratitude Journal

Inside Hello Angel Mandala Gratitude Journal, daily prompts remind you of all the things you have to be grateful for. By accentuating the positive and nurturing optimism, this book can help you to experience tangible benefits of increased health, mental alertness, and emotional satisfaction.

Price: $9.99
Good Vibes Coloring Book Good Vibes Coloring Book

Coloring and patterning are relaxing, meditative activities that encourage self-expression, sending you on a creative adventure. The whimsical images inside Good Vibes Coloring Book offer an easy way to de-stress, have fun, and unleash your inner artist!

Price: $9.99
Creative Coloring Inspirations Creative Coloring Inspirations

Hold on to your dreams with Creative Coloring Inspirations, the coloring book that offers hope and encouragement on every page. These flowing, fantastical, and dreamlike drawings invite you to lose yourself in the amazingly therapeutic interactive art.

Price: $9.99
Creative Coloring Mandalas Creative Coloring Mandalas

Mandalas represent wholeness. These cosmic diagrams of the universe serve as graphic symbols of our subconscious minds. Creating beautiful mandalas can help to stabilize, integrate, and re-order our inner lives. Adult coloring Book

Price: $9.99
Adult Coloring Book Kit Adult Coloring Book Kit

Everything you need to start your journey with therapeutic coloring books!

Price: $34.00