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Self-Care Emporium has created these Self-Care kits with you in mind! They are the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Each kit has a theme, such as relaxing, uplifting, re-balancing, travel, and mind-body-spirit. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to try out different products that you can add to your personal self-care tool box. We want to keep you inspired and excited to take care of yourself!

Each themed box has been carefully thought out so that it addresses multiple senses. As you may already know mindfulness is about slowing down, and a great way to help you slow down is to focus on present moment things. Those present moments things can be a nice scent (such as an aromatherapy), something interesting to touch (such as a crystal or a face mask), a taste (such as tea and honey), or something to see (the box filled with goodies), or something to hear (maybe your feet hitting the floor as you jump up and down in excitement).

We also know life can be stressful and sometimes finding things to de-stress can also stressful. These Self-Care Kits are meant to take the guess work out and give you a chance to try out things you may have never know of or thought of. So take a look at the kits and see what you are drawn to. And check back often as we will add new kits and change out what is in the present ones!! We want to keep you on your toes.. Hopefully on your toes dancing around for joy!

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Adult Coloring Book Kit Adult Coloring Book Kit

Everything you need to start your journey with therapeutic coloring books!

Price: $34.00
Travel Kit Travel Kit

The perfect travel kit to help you keep calm ,hydrated and refreshed!

Price: $45.00
Valentines day kit Valentines Day Kit

This Valentines Day Kit is perfect for a night in with your romantic companion!

Price: $54.00
self care kit Mind-Body-Spirit Kit

The Mind Body Spirit Self Care Kit includes is the a perfect sampling of self care!

Price: $64.00
Re-balancing self care kit Re-balancing Kit

Re-balance the body, mind and soul with this self care kit!

Price: $70.00
night ritual self care kit Night Ritual Kit

This kit will help you create an evening routine to allow for proper rest!

Price: $70.00
relaxing self care kit Relaxing Kit

This kit will relax all of your senses with products, supplements and crystals!

Price: $74.00
uplifting self care kit Uplifting Kit

The Uplifting Self-Care Kit will bring joy and inspiration into your day!

Price: $75.00